May 20, 2013

Hear New Sound: Daughn Gibson's "You Don't Fade"

Daughn Gibson is readying the release of his sophomore effort and Sub Pop debut Me Moan for a due date of July 9th, and its first listen “The Sound of Law” gave us a pretty good indication that the partnership between the indie label powerhouse and the develishly handsome-voiced Pennsylvanian crooner is giving the songwriter some added leg room in the studio to clarify the smoky production, accentuate each curve and sparkle in his sample-heavy sound and build a seamless bridge between the dusty duality of reverse nostalgia that saw the 2012 breakthrough artist honoree rope in old country mope and Merritt-styled synth-pop on his listmaking debut All Hell. The LP’s latest revelation of sonics on “You Don’t Fade” carry a similarly heavy load of frenetic escapism that drove “The Sound of Law" with a more sinister story telling being read from Gibson's book in burly baritone. Hear the big picture of "You Don't Fade" below...

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