May 1, 2013

Hear New Sound: Dead Trend's "Jet '88" (Wings Cover)

If you don't know Dead Trend yet, they've made sure you will with this listen. The final preview off the New England hardcore outfit's debut album False Positive is both a snot nosed introduction to the men behind the grime but a twisted cover of a soft rock classic as well as they grapple McCartney's Wings-era hit "Jet" to the ground and dismantle it to pieces. There's absolutely no attempt to keep it civil or smooth, but at least they bring in a fifth man in pal Chazz Lemons to handle a severely fucked up sax section to resemble the original arrangement (although the literary-based punks compensates for that oblige by throwing any and all focus on staying true to the lyrics out the window, with frontman Jay Grant graveling Dead Trend's starting lineup and agenda to take down all punk poseurs as they lose themselves in the plot half-way in.) False Positive arrives on May 7th on Cabildo. You can stream "Not My Future," "19th Hole," "Bad Policy", "Empty Threat" and the Recommended Listen "No Sympathy" right now, and then proceed to shovel dirt down the throat of Sir Macca's legacy below...

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