May 28, 2013

Hear New Sound: Lemuria's "Chihuly"

They may not be the biggest or buzziest indie-punk band out there just yet, but Lemuria are on their way, having already made a lasting impression within smaller spaces over the years by cozying up to listeners with just the right amount of punchy hooks, hardcore chug and quotable lyrics to appease young and older punkers alike. On June 18th, the Buffalo trio will release their third full-length effort (and second to be produced by D.C. hardcore great J. Robbins) The Distance Is So Big on Bridge Nine Records. Thus far, its initial previews “Brilliant Dancer” and “Oahu, Hawaii” have strongly hinted that Lemuria have undergone yet a another growth spurt since 2011’s nicely aged climber Pebble with eager vocal confidence from both drummer Alex Kerns and Sheena Ozzella as well as weening themselves away from their early material's simpler song structures in tow. Don't fret if you're a fan of their upright kicks, however, as "Chihuly," the LP's latest listen, reinforces Lemuria's indie-punk motives in a three-fold effort that puts Ozzella up front, Kerns offsetting her sweetness with a mopey pull-down from the back as bassist Max Gregor yips his way between the clumsy chorus, a euphemism for the work of glass artist Dale Chihuly. (The track also comes courtesy of Consequence of Sound who ushered in a new quiz feature with Kerns, which also doubles as a great personality litmus for his secret crushes looking to score butterscotch brownie points with him in the future.) Hear Lemuria break a new mold of themselves below...

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