May 8, 2013

Hear New Sound: Lust for Youth's "Breaking Silence"

With both of their respective projects evolving into their own over the past year, it should come as little surprise to AwkwardSound that Lust for Youth, the Swedish experimental electronic project that most recently culled the talents of mastermind Hannes Norrvide and VÅR’s Loke Rahbek is now just Norrvide alone, as VÅR looks forward to the release of their debut album No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers on May 15th through Sacred Bones. The change in priorities aren’t stopping Norrvide from soldiering on and refining his vision of dark-hued synth-pop over a valley of industrial ghosts, however, as Perfect View, Lust for Youth’s sophomore follow-up to last year’s promising debut Growing Seeds, is slated to makes its way out of Sacred Bones’ growing catalog from the Danish-Swedish scene on June 11th. “Breaking Silence” is the LP’s first preview, and like the recent single "Chasing the Light," it has Norrvide casting darkness away from the spectral glow as well as pulling back the shroud of lo-fi production from the project's earlier material. Lust for Youth new way of "Breaking Silence" below...

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