May 10, 2013

Hear New Sound: MINKS' "Painted Indian" & "Everything's Fine"

Pre-dating the entire BUZZSound series on AwkwardSound, the dream pop duo MINKS were among one of five bands AS had its eye on heading into 2010, as their debut By the Hedge was easy to group alongside their fellow foggy lo-fi graveyard pop makers floatng into notoriety from the Captured Tracks roster that year following the breakthroughs of Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils. Three years of silence later, MINKS have resurfaced, now primarily the solo project of songwriter Sonny Kilfoyle who -- following some time away from the city lights after holing up in the East End of Long Island to combat a bout of writer's block -- wrote MINKS' sophomore follow-up Tides End, duo out once again via Captured Tracks on August 6th. Despite being inspired by a beautifully scenic downfall of old money and self-imposed seclusion, its first two singles "Painted Indian" and "Everything's Fine" brightly contrast these perceptions with colorfully glazed textures and pronounced confidence on Kilfoyle's part brought to the forefront by longtime techno producer Mark Verbos. It's a healthy reboot altogether that justifies the frontman's dramatic approach to turning a song. Hear the new shades of MINKS below...

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