May 13, 2013

Hear New Sound: Whirr's "Swoon"

AwkwardSound is probably one of the few music sites out there that has covered the work of one Nick Bassett in reverse, first by profiling his neo-shoegaze outfit Whirr and last year's solid debut full-length Pipe Dreams well before he was known more so as the live guitarist for the increasingly buzzed about post-black metalists Deafheaven. The added exposure in the latter probably didn’t hurt in the long run, however, as it’s given Bassett the opportunity to capitalize on the momentum with Whirr outside the Bay Area, which seems to be going well for him seeing that he’s now focusing on that project alone these days. On the heels of Deafheaven’s Sunbather, the San Fran sextet will also be releasing a new effort in the form Around, a four-song EP slated for July 9th through Graveface. Its first listen “Swoon” is as apt a description for their tried and true formula of shoegaze as it is a song title, but this time drifting away from the warm fuzz heard on Pipe Dreams and settling into icier dreamscapes, vocalists Kristina Esfandiari and Loren Rivera clandestine harmonies kept at a distance and an ear-blasting deluge of feedback. Let Whirr's "Swoon" wash over you below...

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