May 5, 2013

LIVESound: FLAG Play Groezrock

Lines in the sand have been drawn and there's a battle brewing between the old punkers, with two Black Flag reunions in full effect waging war for its loyalists' attention. Original guitarist and rightful -- albeit, greedy -- owner of the brand, Greg Ginn, has assembled a cast of vagabonds including its forgettable footnote of a vocalist in '79 - '80 era vocalist Chavo Pederast under the proper name umbrella while original frontman Keith Morris (who has already been enjoying '80s hardcore revivalism in the form of OFF!) joins respected alumni from across Black Flag's discography including bassist Chuck Duckowski, drummer Bill Stevensen and guitarist Dez Cadena as well as the Descendents' guitarist Stephen Egerton to wave on simply as FLAG. Earlier this week, Ginn's "Black Flag" released "Down In the Dirt," their first new song in 23 years off their comeback album due this summer (AwkwardSound's opinion: It's a predictably underwhelming and insincere cash grab at nostalgia, despite Ginn's claims that it's "not to be confused with the ‘fake’ Flag band currently covering the songs of BLACK FLAG in an embarrassingly weak 'mailing it in' fashion***...") FLAG on the other hand is winning over fans with with actions rather than words, having just played at this year's Groezrock festival in Belgium last weekend. YouTube user Julien Benetar posted a coupling of professionally shot vids from their set featuring classics "Nervous Breakdown," "Jealous Again" and "Wasted & Clocked." For a bunch of old punkers, they sound great, their intensity is genuine and showgoers look to be having an absolute blast, just as Black Flag's music was intended. AS thinks it's pretty clear who you should be giving your money to this summer. Further convincing, below...

"Nervous Breakdown"

"Jealous Again" / "Wasted & Clocked"

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