May 29, 2013

LIVESound: VÅR and Pharmakon Play Brooklyn

VÅR's intriguing debut No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers alongside Abandon, the fiercely reckoned listen from recent BUZZSound Pharmakon, ushered in a new wave of eccentric finds on the same day two few weeks ago through their new label homes at Sacred Bones. The NYC-based label -- in collaboration with Pitchfork -- took the opportunity of the special occasion to display the depth of its newest recruits in a multi-media event / live show that held stage just this past weekend at the Rink in Brooklyn. Attending a show by VÅR, which features members of Iceage, Lower and Sexdrone, or the project masterminded by noise savant Margaret Chardiet, extends beyond just a listening experience and into varying facets of performance and visual art, making the pairing of the two up-and-coming dark-minded acts from opposite sides of the world a naturally eerie fit. Below, you can get a taste of the event, as director Ray Concepcion captured the new age industrial inhabitants in their elements through a broken filter as VÅR performed "Hair Like Feathers" and Pharmakon with "Crawling on Bruised Knees," both culled from their new LPs.

"Hair Like Feathers" / "Crawling On Bruised Knees" (live at the Rink, Brooklyn)

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