May 25, 2013

Song Review: Boards of Canada's "Reach for the Dead"

Longstanding electronic music ambients Boards of Canada are joining fellow pre-social media buzz indie ubiquity mainstays Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Neutral Milk Hotel in making abrupt returns to the scene with little to no warning, and despite the Scottish duo taking full advantage of the modern day industry's Internet-obsessed art of the tease, their first new music in 8 years plays like a confident display of timeless craft that works as well today as it would have nearly a decade ago. "Reach for the Dead" will be included on the brothers Sandison's fourth LP Tomorrow's Harvest (due out June 5th on Warp) and astoundingly -- like GY!BE did last year -- it indicates the two will be picking up from the warm peaks of tribulation where Boards of Canada left off on 2005's The Campfire Headphase by fascinating your earbuds with beautiful soundscapes made with natural analogs that tug at both space-age nostalgia and the terrestrial wonders of the world best visualized in the track's accompanying video. Kids who think M83 invented this style of future-perfect mood music are getting a history lesson here, and in a day in age when the genre's millennial-era vets are shoving off computers and synthesizers in favor of a real, emotional human connection, "Reach for the Dead" is a sure signal that Boards of Canada's kind is alive and well in 2013.

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