May 27, 2013

Song Review: CHVRCHES' "Gun"

As their lop-sided debut EP painstakingly proved, recent BUZZSound CHVRCHES are at their best when they're delivering tight-knit pop tracks that bat their lashes back at sparkly synths from decade's past, flirt with today's third wave witch house dance factor, and not so much when the trio gets lost in space to explore unearthly atmospherics. There's yet to be an official release date set as to when listeners can expect their first full-length (although they told Consequence of Sound to anticipate its arrival this fall,) but the Glaswegian trio are wisely keeping the momentum building in their favor from the year's early breakthrough "Recover" just as we head into the thick of festival season by giving the world yet another new single "Gun," due out on July 15th in the UK as a 12" single via Virgin / Goodbye. It's hard to deny that these three musicians who once counted themselves as members of heavyweight post-rockers Aereogramme and the noisier delights of Twilight Sad have their fingers firmly placed on the pulse of giving '80s dance pop a modernized reconstruction through the use of 808s and taking cues from OMD and T'Pau's one-hit wonderisms. Despite a like-minded symmetry of fluorescence radiating throughout their music much like it does within power players Robyn, M83 and Charli XCX these days, CHVRCHES get your ears' attention by glorifying the hook that will justify playing a song like "Gun" in swelling venue sizes as their tour dates expand. Like "Recover," Lauren Mayberry's voice delivers the goods from both fronts of angelically-cooed verse-singing and bleeding out the track's gigantic anthem. It's both a look-back at yesteryear's lesser used pop perfections and advantageous of today's of-the-moment production, but a good pop song that strikes while the iron is hot finds added value at the unofficial start of the summer, meaning "Gun" bodes well for CHVRCHES' immediate future.

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