May 21, 2013

Song Review: Cold Cave's "Black Boots"

Often times when artists finds themselves without a label, it puts their creativity in limbo as well, but Cold Cave mastermind Wes Eisold has shown no signs thus far that a bit of present-day uncertainty is stopping him from making the most out of his emancipation from Matador, as the past several months have included a treasure trove of excellent homespun singles similar on the surface of sounding adorned in Eisold’s cold pop fashion tastes, but varied in their degrees of deviation from his past work. “Black Boots” is the A-side to a brand new 7” single written and recorded solely by Eisold that sees its release under his own Heartworm Press label. A man of few words but complete thoughts via social media, he describes the listen as “Cool nihilism. Existential, groovy, psychedelia,” which suits a reinventive curve for Eisold to take after spending the better half of the project’s debut Love Comes Close and 2011’s great Cherish the Light Years reappropriating glassy new wave with blackened speckles of goth pop or entwining his hardcore roots around a morbid post-punk undertow. In this instance, "Black Boots" features a slimier consistency to its spooky synths that slide around the mechanical drum beat as Eisold's vox refracts into echoes across the sound board. In spite of its buttoned-up minimalism, "Black Boots"' monochromatic electro-pop waves appeal to a different shade of darkness. It's another assuring example that Eisold's recent nomadic transformations stymied both by lonerism, tragedy and the fearless embrace of freedom are fully capable of hitting the mark despite not having his future entirely mapped out just yet.

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