May 1, 2013

Song Review: Deafheaven's "Dream House"

It’s not an easy fete to bring a heavy music listener to the brink of tears, but Deafheaven have found a brilliant way to re-work tough and physically intimidating exteriors into their own beautiful realm of darkness without disconnecting themselves from the technical high waters from which it sprung. The San Francisco project spearheaded by reformed grindcore wreckers George Clark and Kerry McCoy reincarnated themselves as so on their 2010 debut Roads to Judah, an effort that had as much to owe to art-minded metalists Dark Throne and Justin K. Broderick as it does post-rock's craters or a shoegazing sprawl. Their highly anticipated sophomore effort Sunbather is due out June 11th on Deathwish Inc., and while first single "Dream House" loosely laces up around these same rungs, it's telling that Deafheaven are creating an unrivaled sonic experience for listeners emotionally defined beyond the parameters of influence. At 9-minutes in length, "Dream House" is a meticulous reactionary piece to accompany the black metal community's derision of bands like them and Liturgy who subscribe to experimentation that renders themselves outside of purity's lines. It would be a complete misnomer not to hear that Deafheaven is proud to remove themselves from that situation, and for the better here. "Dream House" inhabits the speakers with rhythmic waves of supreme post-rock theatrics that can easily swell larger spaces or soundtracks much like Explosions In the Sky and Mogwai have done with their time. And yet, there is a sky-wide motion of pop invitation that speaks to everyone from the punk dad with the Cure t-shirt, late 20-somethings still mourning the loss of Thursday or skate kids reaching for a sound that's significantly more harshly stated than what their Joyce Manor LPs can offer (which Clarke does through a fantastic vocal exorcism in every occasion.) Deafheaven are just that sort of band that begs for no other description than to be open to interpretation, and on "Dream House," a wrecking ball that mauls sonic utopia as much as it gorgeously breaks through walls they see fit to collect as part of their future home.

Deafheaven - "Dream House" (via NPR)

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