June 20, 2013

Hear New Sound: Defeater's "Rabbit Foot"

Baystate post-hardcore demolitionists Defeater are following up the wartime-era tales of 2011's solid tour de force Empty Days & Sleep Nights with Letters Home, due out July 16th via Bridge Nine Records. A few weeks back, the quartet delivered the album's first headrush in the vitriol-laced "Bastards," but its latest listen, "Rabbit Foot," is a different kind of monster from the quartet. On this go, the big riffs quake with staggered convulsions while frontman Derek Archambault picks his battles carefully when shredding his voice through the caustic mesh of restrained thrashing. Defeater have often been one to flex their creative liberties without regard to classification, so it's no surprise to hear their newest step take a progressive approach in bending genre norms around melodic transgressions much like their scene peers Pianos Become the Teeth and La Dispute.

In other Defeater-related news, they're one of the last punks standing on this year's Warped Tour roster, and if you've the urge to wade through a sea of mall-core kids to see them, the traveling fest has made it kind of easy for anyone over the age of 30 to do so without having to paying a cent: Today, organizer Kevin Lyman announced that parents get in for free. Uh, does anyone have a teenage sibling I can borrow for a day?...

Defeater - "Rabbit Foot"

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