June 21, 2013

Hear New Sound: Geoff Rickly's Darker Matter /// Mixtape 2

Geoff Rickley, frontman of Thursday and a national post-hardcore treasure at this point, continues to be one of the hardest working musicians and supporters of the DIY punk scene despite his most renowned project being on indefinite hiatus for well over a year now, as he’s kept himself busy with solo shows, working on a new album with grindcore supergroup United Nations and recording free releases like this –- Darker Matter /// Mixtape 2, the follow-up to last autumn's Usher-covering and Leonard Cohen-answering Mixtape 1. For the six-track listen, he's once again teamed with friend Don Devore (Amazing Baby, Ink and Dagger) and thrown in a Bill Fay cover in there for good measure to craft skinless cold pop. The mix arrives on the heels of Rickly's well-publicized gunpoint hold-up, a humbling ordeal to which he's taking the opportunity on his Tumblr to thank supporters during what sounds like a tough year that he's bravely facing head on with art (you're also welcome to pay the favor back to Rickly by purchasing the mixtape for whatever you want on his Bandcamp page, checking out the All Ages Movement Project or hitting up one of his shows alongside the Movielife's Vinnie Caruana. Stay strong, Geoff, and find Darker Matter below...

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