June 5, 2013

Hear New Sound: Hop Along's "Sister Cities"

Shaking Through is the self-professed “documentary series about the birth of a song” that invites up and coming musicians to record a new track in just two days while their team films every step of the way (i.e. there’s little to no room for error in the studio or goofing around retakes.) For this month’s installment, the site brought in Philly indie-punk trio Hop Along to their hometown studio at Miner Street Recordings to take on the task. In the past several months since siblings Frances and Mark Quinlan and bassist Tyler Long were named a late blooming BUZZSound here on AS behind their latest collection of alt-country punk sap Get Disowned, it seems like the rest of the world is finally catching on to their cozy DIY appeal (they’ll be part of an impressive bill with Fucked Up and Title Fight at one of this summer’s free House of Vans shows in Brooklyn to put it into perspective.) Hop Along's Shaking Through session brings with it the new single "Sister Cities," and it gives every reason to keep an eye out on where they're going with their early Saddle Creek-era kick led by Frances' warm breaking vocals. You can watch the doc in its entirety below while the site's episode page provides a copious amount of gear porn and vids for anyone interested in the instrument and recording equipment details. But first, hear what Hop Along built in "Sister Cities"...

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