June 19, 2013

Hear New Sound: No Age's "No Ground"

The battle for the #1 album of the year here on AwkwardSound will reach fever pitch level later this summer when Los Angeles DIY scene-trumping experimental punks No Age follow up their 2010 list-topping effort Everything In Between with their third proper full-length, An Object, due out August 20th on Sub Pop. Last week, we got our first glimpse into the inanimate box of new material with the recommended "C'mon, Stimmung," an artistic rendering of '80s hardcore subversions glazed under a Hüsker Dü-ing shellac of guitar twistings, and now we have another retreat to the pit with the LP's opener, "No Ground." It's remarkably one of Randy Randall and Dean Spunt's most minimalist takes to date, where the former's shielding guitar is given a fair amount of space around its crunchy and tightly-kept edges, making way for Spunt's out-loud thoughts to resonate deep as he uses the moment to flip the man the bird and ward off debasing ("Who do you think I am? / I don't care what you say / I don’t work for you / You have no clue...”) Instead of a sea of thrashers, think of just one punk flailing away on a wide open floor. Hit "No Ground" below...

No Age - "No Ground" (via NPR)

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