June 4, 2013

Hear New Sound: Ovlov's "Nü Punk" / Two Inch Astronaut's "Sternum"

There’s been a lot of BUZZ-ing going on lately here at AS courtesy of NYC-based noise-punk-loving label Exploding In Sound who’ve a handful of solid releases this year, with one already in Fat History Month's Bald History Month and two more due out imminently by Two Inch Astronaut and Ovlov (add to that, while no longer technically a part of their current roster family, Speedy Ortiz’s debut Major Arcana on Carpark Records will surely be met with support from their former home as well.) Two Inch Astronaut’s sophomore effort Bad Brother is next in line, slated for June 18th, and Ovlov’s Am follows in close pursuit on July 2nd. As coincidence would have it, both band’s staged a coup on the press today by unleashing new songs off each of their respective albums.

In AwkwardSound’s recent BUZZSound profile on Two Inch Astronaut, we got the first taste from the Maryland trio's new LP with “Blood From a Loyal Hound,” a listen that placed their upbringing of millennial D.C. post-hardcore and mid-western indie-emo between their jaws and bit down hard with scuzzy crunch. “Sternum” is the latest listen (courtesy of Clicky Clicky Music,) and while it maintains the general shape of sound as "Blood...,' it chews up, savors and digests their Dischord and Jade Tree diets with unrushed enjoyment. Meanwhile, Ovlov’s “Nü Punk” reinforces AS’ first words about the Connecticut band of brothers’ melodious reverb downpours being caught somewhere between the underbelly of the ‘90s' unembarrassed pop-punk bests and Hüsker Düisms. You can hear the former below and head on over to SPIN for "Nü Punk."

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