June 27, 2013

Hear New Sound: Ovlov's "Where's My Dini?"

I count myself as a rare part of the population who can't wait to see summer end. Nobody is around, the days are longer than they need to be and there is barely anything to do around these Western Mass sticks. Idle hands are truly the devil's tools here at AwkwardSound, but it also provides ample time to sink my head deep into some of the season's best and loudest emotional beatings, including AM (not to be confused with that other Brit-rock gluttony!) the forthcoming debut from BUZZSound Ovlov, due out next Tuesday on Exploding In Sound Records and no doubt planned accordingly to combat the celebratory late night fireworks set off by a gaggle of drunken assholes. The brethren of fuzz-punks hailing from the Connecticut 'burbs have already given listeners plenty of reasons to soak in their punk'd up reverb instead of the sultry rays on early previews "NĂ¼ Punk" and "Milk", but now they're closing the shades on the sun entirely with the LP's latest listen, "Where's Is My Dini?," a slow-plowing pity fest that drags Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis (who Deals backing vocals here) down into Steve Hartlett's sad downward guitar spiral. Ovlov's "...Dini" has been found, and it's below...

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