June 14, 2013

Hear New Sound: Pop. 1280's "Lights Out"

Last year’s debut from Pop. 1280, The Horror, was an alluringly grotesque sacrificial offering of sludgy post-punk and doomsday pig fucking from the NYC noise-punk bastions. The reemerging artcore scene that was seemingly bursting from city limits upon their arrival has since adhered itself around classic rock corners (See: labelmates the Men,) but the BUZZSound alumni will be ensuring that the city that never sleeps continues sounding dangerous and scary on August 8th when their sophomore follow-up Imps of Perversion is released on Sacred Bones. Its first listen, “Lights Out" rakes away some of the mucky production from Pop. 1280's previous material without deserting the shadowy crawlspaces they call home with violently slashing guitars, a diabolically brooding rhythm and vocalist Chris Bug's deviant twistings. The picture is coming in clearer, but it's still a disgustingly grim view you're staring into. "Lights Out" turns on the darkness below...

Pop. 1280 - "Lights Out"

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