June 7, 2013

Hear New Sound: Psychic Blood's "Jagged Brain"

You're probably sick of reading about bands hailing from AwkwardSound's backyard of Western Massachusetts, but it goes without saying that the 413 has an enormous amount of unrealized depth throughout its quiet suburban sprawls, college towns and farm houses. Psychic Blood is a three-piece of noise rockers from the forgotten side of the state who released a really great full-length of lo-fidelity guitar shreds and traces of sludgy metal, drowned vocals, psychedelic distortion with a melodic punk slant called Autumn Curses last year. After spending time on the road over the past several months with the likes of kindred contemporaries NĂ¼ Sensae, they've returned this month with a new EP called Nightmare Beaches, available now on cassette via Ascetic House (who AS should note are planning to put out tapes from Destruction Unit, Lust for Youth and Milk Music very soon, too.) "Jagged Brain" is its first preview that gives newcomers a good indication of what they're up against when taking on their rapidly unfurling creak and unwind akin to taking the wrong turn into the dark boonies somewhere down Route 9 en route to a broken Sonic Youth home or Potty Mouth show at the Flywheel. Let Psychic Blood wreck your head and leave you with a "Jagged Brain" below...

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