June 12, 2013

Hear New Sound: Speedy Ortiz's "No Below"

With their debut full-length Major Arcana in close sight, recent reduxs and previews from beyond BUZZSound Speedy Ortiz have flourished around rigid guitar clunk and a battering clangor far from arm’s length of the timid sundowning heard on last year’s Sports EP. “Down Below,” the latest listen culled from the Northampton noise-pop quartet’s highly anticipated LP, once again peaks into those emotional blemishes and bruises from frontwoman Sadie Dupuis’ LiveJournal as her salty vocals look back at youthful memories of a friendship opportunity missed from the vantage point of her modern self with disaffected hindsight. Not to be forgotten in this darker turn are the supportive hands of guitarist Matt Robidoux slashing through the quiet curtains with some late-rolling thunder in the track's tail end with Darl Ferm and Mike Falcone's explosive rhythm not far behind, but it's the melancholy twist of fate chorus that ultimately wins out over the sum of all wholes, leaving you bent firmly out of shape. Curl up on the couch and die with Speedy Ortiz's "No Below" below...

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