June 25, 2013

Hear New Sound: Speedy Ortiz's "Plough"

Northampton indie-punk superheroes Speedy Ortiz are within arm's length from releasing their highly anticipating debut full-length and Carpark jump Major Arcana, and thus far, nothing that the 2012 BUZZSound have thrown toward the open cage of amassing listeners and new found tastemaker friends has hit a wrong note, seemingly building a stronger case to make the quartet one of this year's best breakthrough acts by the day. Already, the Recommended Listens in the wobbly riff juggler "Tiger Tank" and the summer camp nostalgia sob fest "No Below" have provided a firm base to showcase Sadie Dupuis' poetic lyrical prowess alongside Ribidoux, Falcone & Ferm's ability to unknot her words with angular swerving at a moment's notice. Today, Stereogum premiered Major Arcana penultimate track, "Plough," which -- as hard as may be to believe at this stage provided its good company -- is a floor-grinding quickie of a standout tale of twisted sexual contempt arriving in a timely sense to celebrate the 25th birthday of Exile in Guyville. Along with the new listen, Stereogum also posted dates for Speedy Ortiz's huge U.S. summer tour in support of their debut, which kicks off in their secondary hometowns of Brooklyn and Boston but for some odd reason excludes Western Mass. Strange, because the last few time they played the 413, half of their instruments fell apart early into the set and ended it prematurely*, and the time before that, they were operating more like Speedier Ortiz with just three of the four members in attendance rushing through a 15 minute set**. How about a proper hometown celebration for the show-deprived locals to make up for recent lives foibles, lady and guys?*** Anyway... hear "Plough" shine brightly below...

*Because they had just returned from a long trek across Canada.
**Due to a Flywheel curse, car problems and an overall late start to the show and impending noise ordinance deadline.
***They will. Possibly four.

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