June 11, 2013

LIVESound: Deafheaven's Kerry McCoy Remixes Antwon's "Dark Denim"

The latest installment of Converse's Rubber Tracks series sees the pairing of two of the Bay Area's rising stars in BUZZSound rapper Antwon and Kerry McCoy from the ubiquitous post-everything makers Deafheaven (whose perfect sophomore full-length Sunbather AS should add, was just released today.) In print, it might appear to an unlikely team, but is it really? Antwon has been vocal about his upbringing of hardcore punk, nor is he a stranger to crossing genre lines by teaming up with Pictureplane and SALEM in the past, while Deafheaven pretty much throws the book at every label there is out there, leaving the terms "thunderous" and "beautiful" as the only descriptors everyone can agree on. Together, they transform the almost-title track off Antwon's recent In Dark Denim mixtape from a super-charged trap anthem into a distant cry of lonely ambiance that's still quite pretty even with 'twon's bark. Don't be surprised at how well it works, below...

"Dark Denim" (Remix)

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