June 19, 2013

LIVESound: Lemuria Cover the Muffs' "From Your Girl" for Exclaim! TV

Buffalo indie-punk trio Lemuria just released their new album, The Distance Is So Big, this week to a round of applause here on AwkwardSound, as it's a full-proof offering of excellently boisterous pop, humbly expanded aspirations and brainy lyrical imposing from the ever-evolving darlings of the Bridge Nine roster. A few weeks back, Sheena Ozzella, Alex Kerns and Max Gregor made a pit stop to our northern neighbors of Canada during the tail end of their May tour to visit Exclaim!'s offices in Toronto where they delivered something different not heard on the LP in the form of a cover of "From Your Girl," a track originally penned by snotty SoCal pop-punk group the Muffs (probably best known for their cover of "Kids In America" on the Clueless soundtrack and school dance scene cameo later on in the TV adaptation.) Lemuria take a speedier approach, but Sheena Ozzella's soft-shelled vocals switch out much of the bitterness from the original with a sugary bite. As if, but when time travel becomes possible, can I get these three to play my school gym circa 1997?

"From Your Girl" (The Muffs cover live on Exclaim! TV)

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