June 13, 2013

Song Review: Fat History Month's "Sad History Month"

AwkwardSound thought it had it all figured out by rounding up all of the fast-coming news this week from rising NYC-based label Exploding In Sound Records earlier today in one shot, but as luck would have it, it turns out that wasn't even the end of it. As mentioned in that post, basement-scraping indie-punk duo Fat History Month are planning a 7" split single (due out August 6th collectively via Broken World Media, Exploding In Sound and Ranch Records) with Chicago math-core analyst My Dad featuring a unreleased new song from each. We've already heard the latter's contribution, and now Laura Snapes over at Pitchfork has premiered the Bostonian BUZZSound's side, "Sad History Month," a track recorded during the sessions that spawned their sophomore full-length and Required Summer Listening listmaker, Bad History Month. Where the jammy indie classic and comically rye self-deprecation of The Lonesome Crowded West were available in a partly cloudy abundance on that go, Jeff Meff and Bob Hobby's shit-eating grins are replaced with shrugs and scowls under a slow-moving hail storm of unfurling feedback and stark naked narration ("Doctor can you help me / All my feelings are just cheesy as fuck...") The tale might be cozier traveling further up the Pacific Northwest with the Phil Elvrum catalog than in Malkmus or Brock's sarcastic diaries, as its title is justified upon witnessing the woeful chemical reaction that takes place in Meff's vocals once Bad History Month's plugged guitar crackle are replaced by isolated static and cutting acoustics. Hissing along for six-and-half-minutes gives "Sad History Month" just enough time to bleed these summer days dry of feelings, even if the rain outside in your parts won't stop.

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