June 23, 2013

Song Review: METZ' "Can't Understand"

METZ' self-titled debut last year let it be known that they were well-learned students of slash-and-burn post-hardcore freak-outs etched out by Drive Like Jehu, the Jesus Lizard and Shellac well over a decade ago. Despite having those influences pat down solid, making a full-formed first splash leaves with it the curiosity of what the band's next step will be, since it's difficult to imagine them stepping out of their selves when they've nearly perfected their style. Maybe the Toronto BUZZSound are looking to stretch that sound out instead of evolving away from it in the future. "Can't Understand" is a brand new single from METZ that will be part of the 2013 Adult Swim Singles series, and its in the listen which some of these answers may lie. Signaling the arrival of the rome plows with its buzzsawing intro, the sonic wall around the cement-scraping feedback, air-bending bass lines and drummer Hayden Menzies' punishing beatdowns has a higher ceiling to work with. Alex Edkins' shrill cries transcend front of stage to tightly accessible anthemic levels, which no doubt has the potential to make an already ear-blistering live show crossover the confines of smaller clubs and DIY spaces and into arenas someday, if that's what METZ wants. While "Can't Understand" continues to the find the three-piece of post-hardcore next gen'ers taking notes from their luminaries' blueprints, it's also telling that METZ' end-game ambitions are slightly bigger than theirs.

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