June 12, 2013

Song Review: No Age's "C'mon, Stimmung"

No Age were among the first bands to rise from the Class of ’07’s noise pop scene and have held a pretty effective position among the constantly evolved indie rock echelon by transcending sonic barriers along the way. After crushing through sugar-cracked fuzz punk on 2008’s debut Nouns and bending around Pavement and Sonic Youth’s guitar spirals on 2010’s #1 album here on AwkwardSound, Everything In Between, Randy Randall and Dean Spunt have been reconnecting with their hardcore roots by playing live alongside Black Flag originals, revisiting their ex-WIVES and recording basement thrashers alongside Smell scene counterparts. The writing has been on the wall for the duo to make a go at reappropriating these grimy -- albeit, simpler -- aesthetics into their multi-faceted collage of noise, and "C'mon, Stimmung," the first listen off heir third studio effort An Object (due out August 20th via Sub Pop) pieces them with ease onto their canvas. For all of No Age's dizzying articulations when it has comes to the results of a deeply thought-out songwriting process, the track is a direct hit from an accessibility standpoint with its backing of fizzy riffs, a steady-snaring beat and Spunt Danziging his vocals into the white space. While the elements of a classic '80s hardcore song might be sitting at the surface level, Randall eschews those notions, however, by rewiring the ease of tightened chord progressions into a level 10 difficulty with atypical twist effects and gauzy patchwork to scale the same walls as his bandmate's wails. No Age's M.O. has always been a thing of taking the most basic concepts of punk rock and turning them into art project. It's no surprise that on "C'mon, Stimmung," Randall and Spunt apply their ambiguous designs onto the most untamed classification of the genre without making it sound completely unrecognizable and altogether, their own definition of it.

No Age - "C'mon Stimmung"

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