June 27, 2013

Sound Bites: Au Revoire Simone, Chelsea Wolfe and David Lynch

Au Revoir Simone - "Somebody Who"

Bewitchingly lush dream-pop triad Au Revoir Simone will return with their first new album since 2009's dazzler Still Night, Still Light when Move In Spectrums is released on September 24th through Instant Records here in the U.S. (Moshi Moshi will put the album a day earlier in Europe.) "Somebody Who" is our initial preview off the third LP from the twinkly Brooklyn trio, and it's a vibrantly-coiled production that hears them shifting away from the minimalist synth-pop simplicity of their past work and traversing toward a jeweled galaxy neighboring the constellations of CHVRCHES and Chromatics. Stateside tour dates in support of Move In Spectrums have yet to be announced, but Au Revoir Simone will be touring Europe's early autumn surrounding its release date.

Au Revoire Simone - "Somebody Who"

Chelsea Wolfe - "The Warden"

Fellow inhabitant of the dark, Chelsea Wolfe, is escaping the black metal and bare-bones trajectories of 2011's Apokalypsis and last year's acoustic effort, Unknown Rooms by joining Au Revoire Simone on the colder end of the electronic pop spectrum with her forthcoming full-length, Pain Is Beauty. Today, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter debuted the album's first listen "The Warden," a brittle dance haunt of synthetic 4/4 beats clawing into Wolfe's delicately woeful purrs. Pain Is Beauty is due out September 3rd via Sargent House, and Wolfe will be embarking on a lengthy tour (including an appearance at this year's FYF Fest) that should suit her brand of gothic melancholia during summer's dying days.

David Lynch - "Are You Sure"

Since being announced just a few weeks ago, the complete body of work behind avant garde auteur and legendary filmmaker David Lynch's sophomore full-length The Big Dream is unraveling its synopsis at a steady rate leading up to its July 15th release on Sacred Bones. So far, we've been privy to the bonus cut collab with Lykki Li, "I'm Waiting Here," and the Jerry Lee Lewis-blues-jam-of-your-nightmares "Star Dream Girl". Now comes the latest in a downtrodden washed out number, "Are You Sure," that somewhat recalls the washed away summer seascapes of sadcore originators Red House Painters as put through a Lynchian filter. Listen in below...

David Lynch - "Are You Sure"

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  1. Nicolette RobichaudJuly 1, 2013 at 9:06 PM

    Well written piece about Chelsea Wolfe and her new sound. I'm so looking forward to that album release in September.