June 3, 2013

Sound Bites: Charli XCX, Jimmy Eat World and David Lynch

Charli XCX's "Interior"

True Romance, the Recommended debut from pop child of the '90s Charli XCX, hasn't even surpassed its two-month birthday and is probably just getting around to more rotations on your playlist as the sun and longer nights beg for an uptempo dance party, but apparently, not all the pretty bright colors have been revealed off the '12 BUZZSound and breakthrough artist's synth gem. “Interior” is a non-album track that didn’t make its way onto the final product, and understandably so seeing that it finds Charli zig-zagging across the listen in a way that doesn't really reflect much of Ariel Rechtshaid-styled production on True Romance. It's still noteworthy by itself, however. In other news, Charli is currently on tour across the States with her final sights set on Bonnaroo in two weeks.

Jimmy Eat World's Damage

Next week, veteran mainstremo powerplayers Jimmy Eat World release their 8th studio effort when Damage arrives via their new label home at RCA. The LP was recorded before they signed on with a new home after parting with Interscope, meaning for the first time since before their failed stint at Capitol Records (which oddly enough produced their career-peak classic Clarity,) there were no big wigs and A&R heads in the studio telling Mesa's finest heart-on-their-sleeve quartet how they should sound. Depending on how loyal you consider yourself a Jimmy Eat World fan after all these years, first previews "I Will Steal You Back" and its title track might either break your heart for good with the band or break your heart in a way that keeps you coming back for more. Their national tour in support of the LP will commence in July after spending June across the pond.

David Lynch's "I'm Waiting Here" (feat. Lykki Li)

Back in 2011, avant icon David Lynch entered the recorded music world with his proper debut album Crazy Clown Town, an expectantly strange collection of electronic tracks featuring appearances from the likes of Karen O which didn’t stray too far from his brand of disturbing sonic allegory to compliment the oft-disturbing visuals as produced through the filmmaking legend’s lens. Lynch will be returning on July 15th with his sophomore effort The Big Dream, his first for the well-placed Sacred Bones (who, if you recall, both reissued the soundtrack to Eraserhead and saw Lynch remix roster star Zola Jesus just last year.) The blues-inspired LP boasts a cover of Bob Dylan’s "The Ballad of Hollis Brown,” among 11 other original tracks. Below is a bonus cut, “I’m Waiting Here,” a collaboration with dark whispering Swedish chanteuse Lykki Li that recalls the slow, sultry stomp Lynch provided during his time spent with Twin Peaks muse Julee Cruise.

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