June 10, 2013

Sound Bites: Cold Cave, the Julie Ruin and Modern Hut

Cold Cave's "Meaningful Life"

When Cold Cave mastermind Wes Eisold announced his newest 7" single "Black Boots" back in May, he detailed its B-side, “Meaningful Life,” as “a somber ballad.” You could honestly use those terms to describe just about any slower moving tune from the goth-pop outfit’s catalog, but today, we get a full scope of Eisold’s “intimate declaration” as created with just an organ, flute and drum machine at his disposal. It’s Cold Cave’s most minimal turn at deflated, morose honesty that allows Eisold to sound as forthright and naked than ever, but you have to think he wanted it that way. “Black Boots” b / w “Meaningful Life” is available now on Eisold’s Heartworm Press, or just pick up a copy in person when Cold Cave's Meaningful Life tour kicks off later this week.

Cold Cave - "Meaningful Life"

The Julie Ruin - "Oh Come On"

Riot grrrl torchbearer and former face of Bikini Kill / Le Tigre, Kathleen Hanna, is back with a new band after a 9-year hiatus from the music world called the Julie Ruin. Fans of the feminist punk rock icon probably remember Hanna recording a synth-pop solo effort back in 1997 under the moniker Julie Ruin, but this time it’s different with the “the” in there, as well as it featuring Bikini Kill bassist Kathi Wilcox, guitarist Sara Landeau, Kiki and Herb’s Kenny Mellman on keys and drummer Carmine Covell. Hannah began assembling the project back in 2010 amidst Le Tigre’s indefinite hiatus, but health issues stemming from a battle with Lyme disease sidelined her recording efforts. Hanna’s strength is resilient, however, and on September 3rd, the Julie Ruin’s debut album Run Fast sees its release on its own imprint TJR Records (as distributed by Dischord.) “Oh Come On” is its first proper listen, and it shows that her punk spirit remains in great health as well.

Modern Hut's "History"

Joe Steinhardt is one half of the brains behind always-reliable Jersey-based DIY punk label Don Giovanni Records (home to Screaming Females, Waxahatchee, California X, amongst many other great young talents) and he's decided to get in on the music-making action himself for the heck of it. Under the working name Modern Hut and with production help from Screamales' Marissa Paternoster, Steinhardt will release his first effort Generic Treasure on August 7th. From the sounds of its heart-on-its-sleeve first listen "History," the LP will add up to a collection o tracks culled from an emotive acoustic folk-punk session. Steinhardt's vocals are endearingly sloppy while he strums off balance, making it a welcome listen for fandom of Ghost Mice or Andrew Jackson Jihad. Don Giovanni recently went on a signing spree and grabbed up three solid up-and-comers in Wisconsin's Tenement, Upset (the new band from Ali Koehler, formerly of Vivian Girls and Best Coast) and Worriers, so they can do whatever the heck they want right now as far as AS is concerned.

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