June 18, 2013

Sound Bites: Nude Beach, Ovlov and Vacation

Nude Beach's "What Can Ya Do"

Summertime and the sounds of Brooklyn’s own version of surf-sided pop, Nude Beach, are a natural pairing, and the official start of the seasonably warm dog days makes for a fitting kickoff for the band to release a new 7” single. “What Can Ya Do” is its A-side, and it’s another high-strung offering of sunny E-street steppers and garage-dusted power-pop that stays in touch with last year's breakout II. There’s no word yet when the new 7” will be available to order via Other Music Recording Co., but you’ll be able to hit Nude Beach up for a copy when they tour across the northeast starting this Thursday, sharing a bill in Northampton with hometown punks Potty Mouth.

Ovlov's "Milk"

Coming off a sold-out appearance at this year's Northside Festival, Connecticut noise pop trio Ovlov will soon be unveiling all of their distortion-happy debut Am come July 2nd on Exploding In Sound. In the meantime, the BUZZSound have offered up a gnashing coupling of melodically-enhanced punk from the LP in the form of "Blue Baby" and "NĂ¼ Punk," and now the band of brothers is further fortifying that there's no shortage of reverb-drenched riffs with the pedal-curdling "Milk." The listen comes courtesy of CMJ, who also talked with Ovlov mastermind Steve Hartlett about the band's transformation amid its revolving cast of characters over the past five years, their almost-name change, his love of Volvos and more.

Vacation's Candy Waves

To put it bluntly, Don Giovanni Records has a shitload of releases coming out this year from a new breed promising new recruits who've recently signed to the New Jersey-based punk label. The latest arrived today in Candy Waves, the new full-length from Cincinnati trio Vacation. It's an impressive venture through the tried-and-true formula of fast-paced punk and timeless power-pop, and like the aforementioned Nude Beach thrown together with fellow tri-state area peers the Men, Vacation's rock is endlessly summer (as their name might suggest) with a few noisy psychedelic clouds lingering in the distance. Coincidentally, they team up with Nude Beach in Canada during their short trek across the Great White North beginning tomorrow.

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