June 1, 2013

Win Tickets to See Speedy Ortiz In Allston

Three years ago today, AwkwardSound came to be in helping oversaturate the music writing market with the purpose of writing about bands I believed in from the world of punk, hardcore, alternative, indie and everything in between using more than two sentences scraped off a press release. My first post ever was a feature on a new breed of emo revivalists, and in a fitting turn of events of that era, most of the bands have broken up and disappeared into obscurity in the time since.

AwkwardSound has persevered through its terrible twos, however, and to celebrate the occasion, AS is giving away a pair of tickets to BUZZSound favs Speedy Ortiz's album release party for their forthcoming debut LP Major Arcana, out July 9th on Carpark Records. It happens in the Northampton quartet's adopted sister city of Allston, MA at the Great Scott on Saturday, July 6th alongside fellow BUZZSound alumni Grass Is Green, and the rules are pretty simple: In the spirit of the major arcana (the 22 cards in a tarot deck,) AwkwardSound wants you to predict what (un)lucky number(?) has a tendency of following me around in life no matter where I look (Hint: It's a double digit and can be read on a clock.) Put your psychic powers to use in the comments section, and whichever fortune teller gets it right first wins. It should go without saying that to be eligible, you have to be in the Boston area on July 6th.

You will die a slow, painful death, AwkwardSound, below...


  1. I think both of you should try your chances again -- This time, add ten and either keep the 2nd number as is or add 2!