July 18, 2013

Hear New Sound: AFI's "I Hope You Suffer"

For punks who came of age during the early 2000s, AFI brings back feelings of old school nostalgia from a time when the Warped Tour was a mosh pit and not a modern day hair metal fest, but since their major label breakthrough a decade ago with Sing the Sorrow, the SoCal quartet have retooled their melodic hardcore sound that once soundtracked skate parks to fill bigger spaces where cinematic alternative rock flairs and fashionable electronic undertones find wider audiences. It’s been four years since the release of the band’s last effort Crash Love, which would turn out to be their last for Interscope, and after a stint in Hollywood for frontman Davey Havok alongside copious side-projects, A Fire Inside will burn once more when their 9th full-length arrives later this year on new home, Republic Records. “I Hope You Suffer” is our dramatic first taste off the LP where some of the less popular elements from the band’s past two efforts that seemed to cater toward a younger Hot Topic crowd are done away with through a growling Havok and cratering post-rock blackness. This could very well be the bridge leading toward Sigur Rós and Deafheaven kids these days have been looking for. "I Hope You Suffer" below...

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