July 15, 2013

Hear New Sound: Against Me!'s True Trans EP

Since shedding her past life as Tom Gabel and becoming Laura Jane Grace last year, the story of Against Me! has taken on a brand new and deeper meaning not only within the punk rock community, but in the music world in general thanks to the frontwoman's brave coming out as transgender. In the time since, Against Me! has also evolved alongside Laura Jane, with just she and original guitarist James Bowman making up the project while longtime bassist Andrew Seward and post-White Crosses-era drummer Jay Weinberg have exited to pursue their own endeavors. All of these comings and goings haven't made touring or the recording of Against Me!'s soul-baring personal sixth full-length Transgender Dysphoria Blues the seamless production it should have been, but alas, with the help of NOFX's Fat Mike and Rocket from the Crypt's Atom Willard (who has been touring behind the kit with Against Me! as of late,) Laura Jane's most important album of her career is in its final stages and set for release later this August. In the meantime, she'll be taking the LP out on the road before its arrival with just her voice, heart and six-string by her side, and as a first listen, she's made available stripped down versions of two tracks from the effort free to download for a limited time using the widget below. "FUCKMYLIFE666" and "True Trans Rebel" recall Against Me!'s early Reinventing Axl Rose days by default of acoustic folk-punk progressions, but lyrically, Laura Jane as it the top of her game here as she connects the dots between her life story and that of the album's protagonist, a transgender prostitute. Listen and download for the keepings...

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