July 24, 2013

Hear New Sound: Chelsea Wolfe's "We Hit a Wall"

It’s as though dark-dwelling singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe has been casting a long shadow across the room on an annual basis, with her 2011 doom procession Apokalypsis being the Los Angeles chanteuse’s breakthrough while last year’s acoustic departure, Unknown Rooms, had her haunted sound coming undone through bare bones instrumentation. On September 24th, the BUZZSound alumna returns to a more fleshed out formation when Pain Is Beauty is released on Sargent House. Earlier this month, Wolfe introduced us to the album’s first single in the gleaming pop-occupying track “The Warden,” but her latest preview should slow any hesitations that she’s fully bound to electrify the goth club scene’s dance floors, as “We Hit a Wall” is a physically arresting effort that shoulders itself on Wolfe’s bruising rock foundation and ability to adopt black metal's beautifully morose textures into her brooding exhale. Confine yourself below...

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