July 29, 2013

Hear New Sound: Dead Girlfriends' Stop Pretending EP

AwkwardSound didn't give enough attention to Grimes last year for who knows what reason (sometimes I just assume AS' readers are over-saturated and satisfied with their new artist coverage from beyond these lines,) nor did AwkwardSound pay much interest to her former tourmate and friend Elite Gymnastics, the torn and tattered electro-pop project of Minneapolis producer James Brooks. Shout out Jenn Pelly over at Pitchfork for the quality tip here, as Mr. Brooks has now received a second lease on life within the walls of AwkwardSound thanks to a name change and purpose with his art. Now working under the moniker Dead Girlfriends (which also happens to be the longtime name of Brooks' Tumblr account,) he quoted a speech by feminist icon Andrew Dworkin and stated the significance behind his new identity represents how Andrea Dworkin "measures how much progress women have made in society -- By counting the number of dead girlfriends." Along with the reintroduction, Brooks has released a new four-song EP entitled Stop Pretending where his voice is no longer hidden behind blurry pop samples and instead, brings his stark sociopolitical message to the forefront with lyrical confrontations against machismo not just in the lame, outside world, but the punk community as well. AS feels the synthetic whirlwind from early Cold Cave and Xiu Xiu running through Dead Girlfriends veins, for the most part. Take listen to two tracks below and head over to BandCamp for the full listen...

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