July 16, 2013

Hear New Sound: The Dismemberment Plan's "Waiting"

It's been three years since seminal millennial D.C. post-hardcore-turned-art-punk makers the Dismemberment Plan reunited after calling it quits in 2003 (barring a one-off charity gig in 2007,) and in the time since playing some of the hugest indie festivals and sold out clubs, the quartet are restoring your faith in comebacks by going full-in and releasing an entire album worth of new material. Uncanny Valley is the D-Plan's fifth full-length effort, once again produced by D.C. stalwart J. Robbins (who was behind the knobs on their indie classics Change and Emergency & I,) and it's set to arrive and heal the holes in devotees' hearts on October 15th via Partisan Records. Not being ones to take the conventional route in playing music, the quartet took to unorthodox measures in sending the LP's first taste out into the open world as well by setting up a phone number (252-64-DPLAN) where you could hear two-minutes of "Waiting" on a lackluster-sounding receiver. While you're still welcome to give it a listen for novelty's sake, the band is now streaming the track on the good ol' fashioned Internet. 12 years removed from their last material, "Waiting" is oiled up with math-spliced guitars, robotic arms and quick-shifting prose from frontman Travis Morrison that gives high hopes that Dismemberment Plan are operating at full capacity once more. Time's up for new D-Plan below...

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