July 26, 2013

Hear New Sound: Fat History Month's "Skindivers In Action" / Spook Houses' "Living the Dream"

Alongside newly-minted BUZZSounds in Boston buds Krill and Kal Marks, Fat History Month have also been holding court outside the basement scene from which they were birthed, breaking out with a prolific run this year thanks to the release of their debut album Bad History Month and more recently, the Recommended gauzy downercore single “Sad History Month.“ On August 27th, the classic-styled indie rock curlers will release yet another 7” split -- this time with Jersey fuzz punks Spook Houses – out on Double Double Whammy Records. “Skindivers In Action” is their contribution, and if you're looking for any sort of linear way to connect the tangents between any of the two-man wrecking ball's efforts in 2013, this one won't help you whatsoever, as Fat History Month channels every inch of their physical sound into a five-minute-plus wind-up of cacophony. The singles' flipside in Spook Houses' "Living the Dream" on the other hand is a delightful stomp of indie pop-rock that tailors David Benton and Colin Alexander's wordsmith tendencies around the playbooks of Magnum and Merritt. Give both ears a listen below...

(via Portals and Impose)

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