July 18, 2013

Hear New Sound: Modern Hut's "Life" (feat. Marissa Paternoster)

Modern Hut can be viewed as the side-project of Joe Steinhardt, seeing that he keeps himself fairly busy putting out great records through the popular Brunswick-based DIY punk label Don Giovanni. On August 7th, the project will release its debut album, Generic Treasure, a collection of naked folk-punk tunes that quiver in the dark humor and wit of Steinhardt's deadpan vocals, as evidenced by its first offering "History." The effort was also produced by roster staple Marissa Paternoster, guitarist and frontwoman of Screaming Females, and on the LP's latest listen "Life," she even sits in with Steinhardt to deliver a sardonic duet about the titular subject, making for one charming moment in the history of indie boy-girl duet lore. Steinhardt has also announced that he will be taking Modern Hut out on the road for a brief tour of the northeast this August, and opening up for him will fittingly enough be Paternoster's solo project, Noun. For now, hear them get through "Life" together...

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