July 8, 2013

Hear New Sound: Night Birds' Born to Die In Suburbia

Night Birds, Jersey's answer to So Cal's fired up vintage skate and surf punk ancestry, have a new album wonderfully titled Born to Die In Suburbia coming out tomorrow on Grave Mistake Records just in time cure boredom for all the kids stuck in the doldrums and office drones with no vaca days left to spare this summer. All the way back in March, we heard one of the LP's first head bashers in the homage to hardcore rasslin' legend Mick Foley, "Maimed for the Masses", but now SPIN has debuted the entire shebang one day early for those of you who have a problem with waiting patiently (which in all likeliness you probably do if you count yourself a fan of Night Birds or any snotty, hyperspeed punk band, for that matter.) It's 14-tracks of short-fused fury that takes the angry snarl culled from decades of DIY influence and uses it to tear into today's disillusioned American dreams from Night Bird's modern youth angst perspective. Hear Born to Die In Suburbia's title track and "Modern Morons" below, and find the rest of the damage playing at SPIN...

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