July 25, 2013

Hear New Sound: Pop. 1280's "Human Probe"

We were introduced to Pop. 1280 last year through their offering of broken and beaten post-apocalyptic post-punk and gory afflictions on the NYC-based weirdo's debut album The Horror, and on August 8th, the BUZZsound alums will continue upholding the Sacred Bones roster’s reputation for creating some of indie’s best examples of dark matter when their wildly-titled sophomore effort Imps of Perversion is let loose. They’ve already allowed one of its disgusting little pigfucking monsters to run amok in the cleaned-up guitar slasher “Lights Out,” and now they're upping the public masturbation with the LP’s latest listen “Human Probe.” The evil intentions behind this track entail a sinister beat, sci-fi synths and commanding wail on behalf of frontman Chris Bug, however, that makes for one the quartet's most shakeable corpse movers yet. Explore Pop. 1280's "Human Probe" below...

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