July 11, 2013

Hear New Sound: Porches.' "Headsgiving"

Breakout NYC-based label Exploding In Sound introduced us to their newest recruits about a month ago in the Brooklyn quintet Porches., a band who kind of threw AwkwardSound for a loop considering the label's stable to date has been nothing but reckless noisemakers such as BUZZSounds Fat History Month, Two Inch Astronaut, Ovlov, Grass Is Green and PILE while Porches. exudes a funky yet sad pop type of animal magnetism with their sound. The band will be releasing their newest full-length effort Slow Dance in the Cosmos on August 30th, and already we've heard its first preview "Franklin the Flirt," a temptation to the days of lo-fi AM radio romance. The latest listen, "Headsgiving," might be crude-titled, but it doesn't take long for frontman Aaron Maine to make a stab at taking away some semblance of damaged sympathy from listeners in this beach bummer about messed up love, wanting to die after that person leaves the other half of the bed cold and the vicious cycle of not wanting to anymore because THERE IS HOPE IN LOVE! (until he realizes he wants to die again later on that day.) Love is tough work, guys. Unhappy "Headsgiving"?...

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