July 31, 2013

Hear New Sound: Potty Mouth's "Black and Studs"

The kids of Western Mass are doing alright for themselves these days, as Speedy Ortiz has absolutely blown up over the last few weeks with the release of their Recommended debut album Major Arcana while California X still holds its own on regular rotation on AS' end with their early-year self-titled first. Looking ahead, Northamptonites Potty Mouth are readying their time in the sun when their debut full-length Hell Bent arrives just in time for the back-to-the-five-college scene season on September 17th via Old Flame Records. We already heard the LP's excellent first single in the dizzying pop-punk-addled kickstarter "The Spins," but now the BUZZSound are giving us a breather of sorts with "Black and Studs." Early fans of the four-piece might find this listen to be a familiar one, as it was originally released both on their first demo tape and a compilation by DIY label Fork and Spoons in 2012, but the production has been cleaned up a bit to unveil the full scape of its dreamy guitar pop that makes for the perfect comedown as we head into summer's dying days, as well as a bittersweet metaphor for changing punk fashion and people changing altogether, which tends to happen a lot during the warm weather months regardless of how old you are. Hear Potty Mouth sound pretty (and) tough in "Black and Studs" below...

Potty Mouth - "Black and Studs" (download via Stereogum)

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