July 17, 2013

Hear New Sound: Two Inch Astronaut's "Ahhehuhah" (Ovlov Cover)

The collective of rising noise from breakthrough NYC-based label Exploding In Sound is an incredibly complimentary bunch of young, DIY scene champions who probably spend more time tweeting out props on how they love their contemporaries' work more so than their own, and upon noticing the overlapping stylistic directions among the crew, it's easy to figure out how all of these punks up every corner of the northeast met up at the same spot. In the past month, BUZZSounds Two Inch Astronaut and Ovlov released their newest full-lengths in Bad Brother and Ovlov's self-titled, both skullcrushers of damaging guitar melodies in their own right and respect, but the former has turned back the clock on their love affair with the latter by covering "Ahhehuhah", an early cut off Ovlov's 2009 EP Crazy Motorcycle Jump. For their interpretation, the Maryland post-hardcore trio draws straight lines around the fuzzy edges of the Connecticut power-punks' caffeine rush and brings that energy down to ground level for something equally indulgent in melancholy pop. Hear the results of this labelmate bromance below...

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