July 9, 2013

Hear New Sound: Whirr's "Drain"

Today, San Francisco shoegaze revisionists and BUZZSound alumni Whirr released their brand new four-song "mini album" (which AS thinks still qualifies it as an EP, no?) Around on Graveface Records. Despite it's brief tracklisting, rest assure that Whirr's new material isn't a short nor forgettable hold-me-over, as it expands the reverb-drenched soundscapes of last year's debut full-length Pipe Dreams into darker and far more desolate territory with listens clocking in at no fewer in length than six-minutes long. We've already heard the icy beauty unveil itself in Around's first preview "Swoon," and now the dreamy Bay Area collective is offering up one last kiss to the atmosphere with "Drain." On this go, it's a more thunderous shadow of feedback being cast over the undertow of ghostly harmonies breathed by vocalists Kristina Esfandiari and Loren Rivera than its predecessor, yet similarly dense in dark textures and hexing emotions that will make for a tugging experience on their forthcoming tour with Philly nu-gazers Nothing. Let yourself wash away down Whirr's "Drain" in the meantime...

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