July 3, 2013

LIVESound: Jimmy Eat World Cover Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together"

Last autumn, Taylor Swift released one of the best Jimmy Eat World albums in recent memory with her gigantically successful Red. Don't believe AwkwardSound? Take a listen to "The Lucky One," and tell me you can't imagine Jim Adkins' melancholy aches and heart-skipping beat from the emo vets' Bleed American glory days breathing inspiration into T. Swift at any given moment. The country pop superstar has publicly acknowledged her fandom of the Mesa quartet in the past by bringing Adkins on stage to cover their most well-known hit "The Middle" upon stopping in the band's home state of Arizona back in 2011 and sprawling the lyrics to "Hear You Me" and "For Me This Is Heaven" down her arm, so it makes total sense that two years later, Adkins and company would show the world their mutual admiration of the perpetually heartbroken songstress by covering her ultimate crossover kiss-off, "We Are Never Getting Back Together" last night in Cleveland during their current tour in support of their new effort, Damage. As far as covers go, this one falls more under the revision umbrella rather than staying loyal to the original by interpreting T. Swift's coyly spiteful protagonist as a dark cynic with heavily hellbent intentions. Perhaps this is what Jim Adkins truly intended to do when he said he was writing an "adult breakup record"...

"We Are Never Getting Back Together" (Taylor Swift cover live in Cleveland)

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