July 20, 2013

LIVESound: Joanna Newsom Debuts New Songs at the Pitchfork Music Festival

Shut down the music content-making machine -- Pitchfork is having a music festival. Or so that's what it's seemed like since yesterday when the venerable tastemaker site began its three-day celebration of everything "it" in Chicago. For the rest of us music sites, there's at least being given first dibs to talk about what happens at Union Park.  Among the highlights of the weekend thus far has been a set from enigmatic avant songwriter and composer Joanna Newsom, who between getting engaged and promoting fashion lines hasn't given her fanbase anything new since 2010's ambitious listmaking triple LP Have One On Me (nor has she played anywhere live this year until yesterday for that matter.) As Consequence of Sound points out, crowdsourced YouTube vids uploaded from the event reveal that Newsom used the opportunity to debut new material, which we can suspect stand a good chance at appearing on the harpist / pianist's next effort. The songs in question include an untitled mystery, a fluttery number reportedly called "Look and Despair" and "The Diver's Wife," which she's been playing in front of audiences last year. Neither three deviate far from Newsom's beautiful sound of interwoven instrumentation and illustrative narration, which is to say they've potential to become future standouts in her acclaimed catalog. Have one on the Pitchfork Music Festival...

Untitled New Song

"Look and Despair"

"The Diver's Wife"

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