July 17, 2013

Song Review: Mazzy Star's "California"

Slocore pioneers Mazzy Star made a small-scale yet triumphant return in 2011 after a decade’s absence through select festival appearances, shows and the beautifully spindled single "Common Burn" b / w "Lay Myself Down" picking up right where Hope Sandoval and David Roback had left their sound. It’s taken longer than expected for their promised new full-length to materialize, but September 24th will finally see the release of the duo’s first LP since 1996’s Among My Swan as Seasons of Your Day arrives on Mazzy Star’s own label, Rhymes of an Hour. “California” is the first offering from the album, a quiet rekindling with the familiar dusty roads where their footprints have yet to fade from the mindscapes of new age lineage such as Beach House and Tamaryn, alongside the timeless finger-picking simplicity of era peer Mark Kozelek's modern day Sun Kil Moon handiwork. Consecrating the band’s home state, the duo’s return is nostalgically lilted as Sandoval whispers past reflections (“I think I hear the whisper of my own best friend / I think I hear the bells in the square…”) over Roback’s skeletal acoustics. It's one of Mazzy Star's more hushed and understated listens, but the beauty in their weepy trepidation remains the emotional connective tissue between their romance and those who've never fallen out of love with it after all of these years apart.

Mazzy Star - "California"

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