July 30, 2013

Song Review: Touché Amoré's "Just Exist"

Even it weren't for appearances at festivals like the FYF Fest and the Fun Fun Fun Fest over the years, Los Angeles post-hardcore act Touché Amoré were destined for an indie scene crossover since breaking through with 2011 stunner and #2 album that year here on AwkwardSound, Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me. The BUZZSound alumni hasn't strayed far from DIY spaces and clubs with local counterparts and post-hardcore scene up-and-comers in tow, but by occasionally nabbing huge opportunities opening for Cali success stories Rise Against and AFI in larger spaces alongside living in an era where Deathwish Inc. labelmates like Deafheaven and Converge can easily bat the lashes of tastemaker scribes in their favor, it makes sense that their next move might hear them massaging each thrashing blow ever so slightly to make way for wider appeal with new audiences. "Just Exist" is the first single off Touché Amoré's third full-length Is Survived By, due out September 24th, and while the SoCal quartet doesn't abandon their in-the-pit upbringing, their abrasive presence is softened by Jeremy Bolm's fatalistic think bubbles and shinier production -- courtesy of Brad Wood, who counts recordings by Sunny Day Real Estate and Smashing Pumpkins to his resume -- that eviscerate the guitars and hurling rhythms into the air instead of supplying instantaneous screamo gratification with them. AwkwardSound just predicted that bands like Touché Amoré were well on their way to becoming Pitchfork fodder, and with "Just Exist" sonically expanding across genre lines alongside its matured existential connect, it's no surprise that they've begun to a cement that legacy.

Touché Amoré - "Just Exist"

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