July 18, 2013

Song Review: Yuck's "Rebirth"

London-based tweegazers Yuck may have made an resounding footprint here on AwkwardSound back in 2011 with the release of their excellent self-titled debut (which also nabbing them the honors of Best New Artist,) but sometimes being one of the most buzzed about up-and-comers and a quick rise doesn’t equivocate to internal stability. With the announcement a few months back of their plans to head back into the studio and record their sophomore effort, Yuck casually brought with it the sidenote that frontman Daniel Blume had departed to focus on his new solo project Hebronix. Normally, this is the sort of news that would force a band to at least change their name, but Yuck lives on in the first listen since the lineup overhaul, “Rebirth.” There's something to be read in the song title and its relation to the trio's newly realized direction -- which doesn't necessarily remove itself from any '90s indie rock parallels -- but with Blumberg taking the dense, contemplative reverb away from Yuck's debut along with him in Hebronix's just-released first outing Unreal, it sounds like his former band mates are taking the optimistic route and benefiting from the the sugar-coated shoegaze pop side of their style. Max Bloom stepping in to Blumberg's shoes behind the mic arrives with sparkle-eyed assurance that counteracts what used to be a lazed mope, and while Yuck 2.0 glimmers in similar wavelengths as the C86-ing peers the Weekend or the dearly departed Depreciation Guild, it's certainly not the downtrodden slacker rock of these My Bloody Valentine devotionalists' past life. AS doesn’t know what it was expecting Yuck to sound like with Blumberg’s exit, but "Rebirth" thus far states a good case that his exit didn't bestow a death knell to them.

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